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Mid-September KM files
with FERC!
They filed in September! Now we need to act to make it obvious how BAD THIS IDEA IS!

July 4, 2015

Ashburnham, MA
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Like many small towns around the country, our region is full of vacant houses. We have our eye on an old farm house in Ashburnham that was left abandoned, and is now in foreclosure. We're contacting the mortgage holder, and trying to raise the funds to purchase this antique house and 5 acres for use as the NCSC Hearth.

Help us if you can, and spread the word about
Earth-mindedness - more than awareness, it's Action!




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We have many different ways that people can help us create this Hearth for Earth-mindedness.

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Many people are calling for economic, governmental and other changes to help our planet. That is wonderful, but while they work to raise awareness and advocate, the rest of us, and they too, need to take actions to change things close to home. NCSC's definition of sustainability is "Whatever it takes to keep living here," and with that in mind, along with the idea that we need to consider the world around us in whatever we do, we have created Earth-Mindness.

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Right now NCSC is focusing our energy on
the NED Pipeline, making sure farmers know what's happening and that their voices are heard.
What else can we do?

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