North Country Sustainability Center
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Sustainability means "Whatever it takes to keep living here."

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April 24, 2014
7:00 p.m.
Columba Legacy Center

Ashburnham Farmer's Market
Mondays, June 16-Sept. 29, 2014
Ashburnham Community Church

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Based in Ashburnham, MA 01430

What needs to be done? What do we have to work with?
How can the most people benefit? Those are the questions we started with, and the
answer was NCSC! Help us grow this from a seed to a facility, and we'll help others do the same
in their own regions.

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North Country Sustainability Center started from a conversation with the Ashburnham Agricultural Commission. The need for an available commercial community kitchen combined with other hopes that people had for their community and the idea gelled to form NCSC, Inc. Chartered in 2010, the initial group grew to a Board of Directors and expanded to a regional concept. Board members had long worried that people were losing traditional skills, and with the economic changes coming, they realized that such skills provided stability in a unstable time. So NCSC went from an agricultural dream, to a diversified approach to rebuilding and celebrating our region by helping other people do the same thing in their homes and towns.

NCSC, Inc. received its 501 (c) (3) status in July, 2011, retroactive to November 2010.

In 2012 NCSC took a lease in the Veterans Memorial School in Ashburnham. This lease terminated in 2013, leaving the organization with only a web presence, their television show "Living Here," and the plan to find a permanent home. We are still in that search.

President - Patricia Garland Stewart
(Farming at Hames & Axle Farm, since 1996,
Environmental/Agricultural Educator since 1977.
B.S. from Michigan State University (1982) in Parks and Recreation Resources.
Internship in Environmental Institute Management (1984) from Delaware Nature Society. ) Ashburnham, MA

Vice President - David W. Stewart (Farm hand at Hames & Axle Farm since 1996, )
Systems Analyst III and other roles for Commonwealth of Massachusetts,
(EOEEA, DCR, DEM) since 1985 Ashburnham, MA

Membership Secretary/Treasurer- Ann Bryant
Retired seamstress with 50+ years experiences Ashburnham, MA

Directors at Large:
ML Altobelli
Farmer at Woody End Farm,
Owner/Operator of Greenery In Motion Westminster, MA

Audrey LaBrie
Farmer at Hydeaway Farms, Winchendon, MA