Experience the Amazing Horizontal Falls with Scenic Flights

In today’s world where everything is so fast-paced and where our lives are characterized by long working hours on weekdays and equally busy weekends, it is very hard to get some time off to experience the beauty of nature. If you are in Western Australia, you are fortunate to have the Horizontal Falls around! While the name suggests a waterfall, what you will see are actually fast moving tidal flows. They are part of Kimberly tides that change tidal direction with each tide. And if you are planning on having the best and most unique experience of seeing Horizontal Falls, then you will need to take a flight. The Horizontal Falls scenic flight is the surest way of enjoying the natural phenomenon that is Horizontal Falls.

While you could tour the Horizontal Fall using a boat ride, nothing beats scenic flight Horizontal Falls. This is because there is a limited view from the boat and the breathtaking view of the tidal flows is not fully experienced from this limited view as only portions of the falls are visible. The awesome and amazing power of Kimberley tides is only experienced when you go for the scenic flight in Horizontal Falls.

With the Horizontal Falls scenic flight, you also realize that there are a lot of other things to see in Kimberley besides the Horizontal Falls. Through the scenic flight, you can see most of the sights in Kimberley and Dampier Peninsula. Dampier Peninsula is home to a rich heritage of aboriginal culture, with numerous communities, tourist resorts and pearling camps. You are also likely to see the Buccaneer Archipelago which is made up of thousands of islands. The other likely sights include Cape Leveque, the northernmost tip of the Dampier Peninsula.

If you are like most people who do not get a lot of time to enjoy nature, you probably want to maximize your experience by getting the most from you trip. You would therefore be well advised to choose an aviation company that has the local experience and knowledge and also the trip packages that provide you with a wholesome experience of the Kimberley area. The idea is to make sure that you get the best Horizontal Falls scenic flight.

Kimberley Aviation has established a reputation of providing some of the best experiences that include swimming on some of the best beaches on the Indian Ocean, interacting with the indigenous communities, boat rides and generally enjoying safaris on the numerous trails. The staff is known to have excellent local knowledge and will respond to any question that you might have.

Kimberley Aviation provides you with an incredibly unique experience that comes in several packages. These packages are meant to cater for different people that require specific experiences from the trip. These packages are designed in such a way that whichever option you choose, you are going to have one of the best experiences in Kimberley. Don’t miss out on the big opportunity. Once you undertake the Horizontal Falls scenic flights and experience the exhilirating adventure, you will almost feel your life’s stresses melting away!

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